Ingeniería Y Soluciones Informáticas S.L.

Ingeniería Y Soluciones Informáticas S.L. ( is a Spanish SME working in Information Technology field, with deep experience and a high qualified labour in software development, ambient intelligence, mobile communications and system integration.
ISOIN has been developing, for years, high quality products for his customers, doing consultancy services, analysing the ICT market, and providing training to public and private companies.
ISOIN workforce is composed by a multidisciplinary team ranging from different areas of engineering (mechanical, telecommunications, computer science, and others) spread over Spain, Italy and Colombia.
ISOIN main competence areas include: Ambient Intelligence, Networking and Communication, Software Development, Interoperability, Multimodal Interfaces, HCI, Mobile Application development, Sustainable Urban Mobility, Collaborative Networks and Processes Optimization.
ISOIN provides added value services bringing together the computational potential of online platforms, cloud computing and reaching widely its customers through middleware and end-point mobile devices applications (e.g. smartphones, tablets and others as PC/104 boards, SBCs, etc.), and always aiming an interoperable, secure and user-personalized approach. These solutions have been supporting our customers’ processes and decision making, and also reaching social communities as citizens or the elderly.
At the same time, research and development have been one of ISOIN main aims in order to continue improving the solutions and services provided to the customer. Hence ISOIN has been participating in National and European R&D projects for more than ten years.
At European level, ISOIN started participating in the FP5 and never stopped since then, being involved in different European calls:

  •  EUROSTARS project “FORSAT”
  •  AAL projects, namely: “MobileSage”, “T&TNet”, JoinTViability and Diet4Elders.
    ISOIN is also developing research programmes at National level: ONLINE (Internet of Things based on RFID technologies), FuTVre (Media platform based on 3G mobile communications), AVANSEC (information system based on multi-levels access through secure QR codes), FLOTAS (Green Fleet Management), MUSAS (Intelligent Urban Mobility Services), E3MEL (Smart Metering added-value services through social data analysis) and 4GREEN (Energy efficiency in 4G mobile communications).