GeoVille GmbH

GeoVille GmbH Information Systems ( specialises in application production and services related to Earth Observation (EO) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) applications. GeoVille offers services in the fields of EO data processing, GIS operations, Geodata provision and distribution, Environmental applications and Management and consultancy.
The main thematic domains regarding EO and GIS applications comprise land use and land cover mapping; urban, regional and spatial planning; forestry; agriculture, infrastructure applications; environment; consultancy; cartography and promotion.
GeoVille Group’s mission is to provide turn-key solutions for spatial data management. To achieve it, we collaborate very closely with our customers to enrich the value of their spatial data and information. We firmly believe that success in the rapidly advancing field of remote sensing requires not only a sound of technical infrastructure, but also a profound understanding of the relationship between the fields of application and the available technology. For this reason our projects are conducted in multidisciplinary teams.
Company framework -since its establishment in 1998- has set up a broad international customer base and successfully participated in more than 250 national and international projects located in over 45 countries around the world.